What Wheels Fit A Subaru BRZ?


With its exceptional handling and stylish appearance, the Subaru BRZ distinguishes out in the sports car segment. Selecting the appropriate wheels is essential for both maximizing performance and improving the look of your BRZ. With the aid of this thorough guide, you can make sense of the many wheel selection factors and make sure your car looks and performs as good as it can.

Understanding Wheel Specifications for the Subaru BRZ

Key Dimensions Explained

It’s critical to comprehend the following specifications when choosing aftermarket wheels for the Subaru BRZ: diameter, width, offset, bolt pattern, and hub bore. Generally, the BRZ can accommodate diameters of 17 to 18 inches and widths of 7 to 8 inches. The 5×100 bolt pattern is standard and is essential to ensuring the wheels fit correctly out of the box.

Impact on Performance

The way your BRZ handles can be significantly impacted by a wheel’s offset. While it may necessitate changing the wheel arches, a lower offset can increase stability by extending the wheels outward. On the other hand, a larger offset may push the wheels up against the suspension parts, which would reduce inner clearance and steering response.

Popular Wheel Sizes for the Subaru BRZ

The majority of your decision regarding 17- or 18-inch wheels will come down to personal taste and the kind of driving environment you anticipate. For individuals who prioritize comfort and affordability, 17-inch wheels are usually a preferable choice; nevertheless, 18-inch wheels can offer a more aggressive appearance and a crisper reaction.

Recommended Wheel Brands for Subaru BRZ

Top Brands for Quality and Performance

For Subaru BRZ owners, Enkei, BBS, and OZ Racing are some of the best options. These companies are well known for their dedication to producing high-quality wheels that are both aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting. Every brand offers a distinct combination of design and technology, so there are options to fit a range of preferences and performance needs.

Color and Finish Options

The most common finishes for Subaru BRZ wheels are gunmetal, silver, and black. These colors, which come in matte, glossy, or satin finishes, go well with the BRZ’s aggressive styling. With these choices, users may tailor their BRZ to their own preferences without sacrificing its sophisticated, unified appearance.

Customization Options

Wheel Materials and Finishes

Due to their ideal weight, cost, and performance balance, alloy wheels are a popular option. Though they are more expensive, forged wheels may be worth it for people who value superior performance because of their unparalleled strength and reduced weight.

Making a Statement with Custom Wheels

Unique finishes or custom painted wheels can make a big difference for BRZ owners who want to stand out. Your BRZ can look completely different with options like neon or brilliant metallic finishes, which will make it a real showstopper.

Potential Modifications Needed for Fitment

Understanding Modifications for Better Fit

Wheel spacers or suspension changes could be required to accommodate specific wheel sizes or designs. It’s critical to comprehend how these modifications may affect your BRZ’s handling and warranty, among other things.

Legal and Safety Considerations

It’s important to think about local laws and safety concerns before making any changes. It is crucial to make sure your alterations go by the law and preserve the vehicle’s safety.

Installation Tips

It’s important to install the wheels correctly, and hiring experts to help make sure they’re balanced and aligned is advised. This keeps your car from wearing out too soon and also guarantees peak performance.

Maintenance and Care for Wheels

Alignment, balance, and damage checks should be part of routine maintenance. Regularly cleaning your wheels to get rid of brake dust and debris can also shield the finish and stop corrosion.

Where to Buy Wheels for Subaru BRZ

It is important to choose trustworthy dealers when buying wheels. Seek vendors who provide genuine goods, extensive customer service, and strong guarantees to guarantee you get premium wheels that fit your BRZ.


The process of choosing the correct wheels for your Subaru BRZ involves both art and science. You may greatly improve your driving experience and vehicle satisfaction by taking both aesthetic preferences and technical requirements into account.

FAQ ‘s

Q: What is the best way to decide between different wheel sizes and styles?

A: Take into account both your driving style and aesthetic preferences. Speaking with wheel experts or other BRZ owners can also yield insightful information.

Q: How often should I check my wheel alignment and balance?

A: It is advised to have alignment and balance checked every six months or following any event that can affect the wheels, including running over a pothole.