How to Review Your Child’s Call History Safely

Do you worry about your child’s online behavior? You want to protect their safety but find it difficult to get information on their call history without letting them know. You are afraid of violating their privacy or exposing them to provocative content.

Simple approaches such as directly asking for their phone may result in conflicts or deception. You require an approach that protects their privacy as well as protects them.

Find a safe and healthy way to examine your child’s call history. With monitoring apps, you can monitor their WhatsApp calls secretly. These apps have parental controls that do not violate the privacy of your child. You will be able to rest assured knowing that you are safeguarding your child online.

Discover the benefits of using a Call Logs Tracker:

Access Comprehensive Call Logs:

See all call actions on the monitored device. You can check call history in detail from FamiGuard Pro.  It also displays the name and phone number of the caller to help you understand the people your child speaks with.

Retrieve Deleted Call History:

FamiGuard Pro does not only track calls but also restores the deleted call history. These records are available online from the last year to date to avoid missing important information.

Block Unwanted Calls:

Block unwanted callers and spam contacts easily for your child in FamiGuard Pro. Use the call blocking right from the dashboard and ensure your child’s privacy and safety.

Block unknown numbers or unidentified callers with one tap. Protect your child from potential harassment and inappropriate communication so that they can use their device with confidence.

What Functions You Can Benefit From Using Call History Tracker?

Explore Contacts:

FamiGuard Pro Not only supports you to examine the call history but you can also access the list of contacts and block any unnecessary people.

Building on this feature, having access to their contact list enables parents to make sure their children are communicating with the right people. You can thus check the contact list here to look for any new or questionable contacts and take appropriate measures to protect the child.

Utilize Search Calls Feature:

Reduce the time spent searching through each call entry by using the search calls feature. Thanks to FamiGuard Pro, it is now easy to search for specific calls based on keywords.

This increased functionality makes it easier to analyze your child’s call history and find the necessary information without lengthy manual searching. Search tool: This tool allows you to search for specific contacts, keywords, or call durations easily.

Seamlessly Export Data:

Automatically export call history records with detailed information to view or download for your reference.

The data export feature in FamiGuard Pro Enables you to save call logs for future reference or forward them to other caregivers or even educational institutions as the case may be. This functionality will help you monitor your child’s communication habits over time and recognize potential patterns that might indicate the need for intervention.

Discover Additional Features:

Besides the basic features of checking the call history, FamiGuard Pro provides a large number of additional features intended to strengthen parental control and the monitoring function. One such feature is the export of location-related data that will give you full information about the location and call activities of your child. 

There are also additional articles like  how to hide your phone number that can help you keep being proactive about your child’s digital and physical safety.

Setting up FamiGuard Pro is a breeze, requiring just three simple steps:

Sign up for Free and Select Your Plan:

Begin by signing up for a free FamiGuard account. Decide on the right subscription package that you can afford. Whichever package you choose, there are plenty of features which will help you to improve your monitoring.

Follow the Setup Guide:

Install the FamiGuard Pro application on the target device and follow the simple installation procedure. Both manual and automatic configuration of the router is easy and user-friendly. Installation of FamiGuard only takes a few minutes before you can use it to monitor your family’s online activities.

Track Call History and Block Calls:

You can access the call logs of the target device from the FamiGuard dashboard by selecting Phone Files > Call Logs. This section displays all the call histories including deleted entries. Regarding incoming and outgoing calls, blocking calls can be done via a few clicks from the dashboard.