No Booze, No Caffeine, No Sugar (and No Complaining)

The short version of this article is this: for the next 30 days, I will not consume any alcohol, caffeine, or sugar. And I won’t complain about it either.

Here’s the long version.

In times of stress, we turn to things that offer us comfort. We look for a boost when we need the energy and a distraction to ease the pressures of the day. For many of us, it comes in the form of food, alcohol, and caffeine.

In my last post, I shared that I’m opening a small business next month and that the process has been hectic, stressful and fast-paced.

A customer told me yesterday that owning a business is like having another child. “Keep the faith sister!” she said. The comment made my day.

It’s true. I’m a mommy to this thing. I’m emotionally invested in every aspect of the business. It demands so much of my time, attention, and virtually all of my brain cells, and the intensity will only grow from here.

Recently, I’ve been pouring myself that extra glass of wine to unwind after a long day. In the mornings, I’ll brew another cup of coffee. And while I don’t keep junk in my house, there have been a more than few occasions when I’ve gone out of my way to buy a chocolate croissant or cookie. My quality of sleep has deteriorated and I’ve spent too many nights staring at the ceiling, tossing, turning and thinking.

I don’t want to be sleep deprived and on edge. I want to be sharp and energized. And if I want to shift into this next gear, I need to do the opposite – quit caffeine, alcohol, and sugar altogether. And not complain about being busy, tired, and off caffeine, alcohol, and sugar!

I’m five days in, and so far, I feel great. I’ll be sharing an update next week, so stay tuned.