I Exercised for 30 Days!!

I write this from an indoor water park in South Dakota. It’s day 4 of our cross country family road trip. Between packing up 8 years of our lives, saying our goodbyes, driving, hiking, seeing friends, driving, working and more driving, I’m mentally and physically tapped out. This month (and other different circumstances) it would have been acceptable for me to say “I don’t have the time or energy to work out.”

But I pushed through. And you know what? Thank God for it. The daily workouts became my sanity. Tennis, yoga, strength training, spinning -it felt so good to move and sweat, and even better to blow off some steam.

The only question is – now that I’m in a brand new environment, will I be able to continue with the habit?


June 1 T —> Tennis

June 2 F —>  Bikram Yoga

June 3 S —> Spinning

June 4 S —> Walking

June 5 M —> Dance Pop

June 6 T —> Home workout

June 7 W —> Bikram Yoga

June 8 R —> Interval training

June 9 F —> Spinning

June 10 S —> Bikram Yoga

June 11 S —> Walking

June 12 M —> Interval training

June 13 T —> Tennis

June 14 W —> Bikram Yoga

June 15  R —> Interval training

June 16 F —> Tennis

June 17 S —> Spinning

June 18 S —> Walk

June 19 M —> Interval training

June 20 T —> Walk

June 21 W —> Bikram yoga

June 22 R —> Interval training

June 23 F —> Gas station workouts

June 24 S —> Hiking

June 25 S —> Hiking

June 26 M —> Hiking / resistance band workouts

June 27 T —> Gas station workout

June 28W –> Gas station workout