The Ultimate Guide to Photo Storage & Management

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  1. Christine Welland says:

    Thanks for all of the tips! I use dropox and they just upgraded to 1TB for $99/yr. I’m hoping they add better photo management tools soon.

  2. Larry says:

    You mentioned Crashplan being slow and taking 3.1 days to process the 68+ GB of data.

    1) A reason it is slow is it encrypts all of the files you want backed up. It does this on your PC before uploading the files over the open internet. That way important things like: financial files, mortgage deeds, insurance paperwork (who gets what upon death), medical records, contracts, legal documents, psychiatric prescription info, etc. won’t be sent “in the clear” for others to see.

    (I am sure you know these reason that the upload speed may be slow.)
    2) Another reason it may be slow is the CPU speed on the computer.
    3) If the computer was busy being used or doing other things (like anti-virus scanning), then the CPU was busy with other task.
    4) You internet upload speed is a major factor in how long uploads take.

    I backed up 1.1 TB (1,100 GB) and it took nearly 30 days at 3 Mbps upload (50 Mbps download). I had to pause Crashplan so I would not go over my monthly limit of 350 GB per month. (I started part way into one month, paused, backed up more in the 2nd month and finished in the third month.)

    Personally I’m okay with slower as long as it is the most secure so I am the most protected.

    • Rosanna says:

      Thanks for this. I really didn’t know what to expect going into my first backup, but I’m so grateful I spent the time and money. 6 months later my toddler knocked over a glass of water onto my laptop and I had to replace everything. With Crashplan I was up and running in less than an hour!

  1. January 16, 2015

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