Allora, let’s talk about the Italian challenge

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  1. Jessica says:

    Looking for the 30-days challenge I ended up here; I’m Italian so I really appreciate your efforts, and you’re pretty good! I know that Italian is so much different, English has less words and less rules. There are a few (very, very common!) mistakes, as:
    I want the pizza margarita: “Voglio la pizza margherita” (Pizza is feminine) ;
    “Where is the bathroom?” “Dove è il bagno?” (è=is; without it it’s “where the bathroom?”)
    “What time does the train arrive?” “A che ora arriva il treno?” (“El” is Spanish)
    “Your cats” “I tuoi gatti” (we have 3 articles for the masculine, it depends on the following letter; “tue” is feminine )
    For “Io amo l’Italia”, after verbs like “love, like, hate” the definite article is always necessary: so if you like something, for example “I like pizza” you don’t say “Mi piace pizza” but “Mi piace la pizza”; “Io amo i gatti” instead of “Io amo gatti” (I hate cats); Articles are very important. I hope this will help, good luck!

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