Just Write the Damn Book Already!

A very curious thing happened last week, something that I haven’t quite figured out how to explain.

I sat down, opened up Lila’s Wand, a document that I had created over a year earlier, and started typing. I wrote for an hour. I wrote again the next day, and the day after that too.

All of a sudden I had all of these words and ideas appearing on the page. Good ones too. I don’t know where it all came from, but I’m taking complete advantage of this newfound motivation and dedicating the next 30 days to writing the book I’ve been wanting to write for so long.

I started writing Lila’s Wand, a short story about a little girl who finds a magic wand in February of 2015. Last June, I polished it up, edited it, and shared it on the blog (along with accompanying photos). Since then, I’ve talked a big game about turning the story into a book (because writing is my passion, remember?) but I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t done much (errr any) writing at all.

Until now.

My goal is to complete a first draft of this novel – once and for all.

It will undoubtedly be terrible because that’s what drafts are supposed to be, but this month isn’t about creating something great.

This month is about having fun. I want to enjoy the process of writing and not worry about word count or cohesive narratives, believable dialogue or the overuse of the passive voice. If I go down the rabbit hole of over thinking every little thing, I’ll sabotage this good thing that I’ve got going.

There’s a sign hanging in the Facebook offices that says “Done is better than perfect,” and that is a maxim I intend to take to heart this month. Because in order to have a story to edit, publish and share, I have to have a story to tell. One with a beginning, a middle and an end. One that no one else but I can write.



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