About Hackerella

I’m Rosanna. I started experimenting with 30-day challenges in 2014. From learning to meditate to hacking sleep, learning the guitar or trying to hold a 15-minute plank (you know, just to see if I can), I’ve explored things that help me build better habits, get healthier, more productive, creative and inspired.

Since I began this journey, I’ve had a baby, started a small business, written a book and moved across the country, and I did my best to continue my challenges and write about them.

Not all challenges have been successful, and not everything I’ve attempted has turned into a habit. Over the years, I’ve changed my views on how I approach many things including diet, fitness, mindfulness, and productivity. I can’t help but chuckle reading some of my older blog posts, I keep them because it’s a peek into my older self. It’s part of my journey.

My hope is that my successes and failures can inspire you to make your positive changes in your own journeys. And you can give yourself permission to explore and try things out and step out of our comfort zones, one day…or month… at a time.

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