The Survival Challenge (Or, When are You Coming, Baby Casper?)

November is here and with a new month comes a new challenge.

Except I don’t have a challenge prepared.

I genuinely thought that by today, I’d be knee deep in new mommy-hood, aka survival mode, where my main jobs would be eating, sleeping and taking care of my family.

But as of this final edit (morning of Wednesday, November 4), I’m still pregnant. And waiting.


So I did what any about-to-pop-going-out-of-my-mind-40-week-pregnant woman would do.

I registered Lila’s Wand, the short story that I’ve been threatening to turn into a book for months, for National November Write a Novel (NaNoWriMo) 2015. This time  last year, I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote a 50,000 word novel about the dysfunctional life of a successful advice columnist in 30 days. It was an intense and insane experience that I vowed never to do again.

But since I’m in baby limbo mode, and since I’ve been writing a lot recently (and since time so conveniently makes us forget certain painful memories), I figured – why not. I’m doing something that keeps me busy and creative. I’m not keeping the furious schedule that I set for myself last year. And I’m under no obligation to finish.

Oh, and I’ve also pre-written a number of blog posts during my nights of pregnancy insomnia, so the blogging will continue this month on a somewhat regular basis.

I wonder, should I continue to tinker with the book following the arrival of the baby, if anything remotely interesting or coherent could possibly out of my sleep deprived brain.

Or, if the long nights and bleary eyed days of life with a newborn, which involve many hours of sitting, nursing, rocking and holding the baby, could be a time to think creatively.

With my first two babies, I spent virtually all of this time glued to my iPhone or library of cheesy tv shows. This time around, I’m hoping (hoping!) to distance myself from technology and embrace mindfulness. Perhaps the time spent alone with my baby and my thoughts – assuming it’s not spent ruminating on to do’s and I want’s and I need’s – will be a positive thing. Maybe I’ll come up with some interesting and totally out of the box ideas for my story or this blog.

Or maybe not.

At the very least, I’ll get to enjoy some presence as I welcome my little one into the world.


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