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It Wasn’t Punishment (No Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar and Complaining)

I did it! 30 days without sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and complaining. I didn’t cheat once. No tiny sips of wine, no cups of green tea, no licking frosting off of fingers, no slip-ups – period. To many, it looked like punishment. “Why would you do that to yourself when you have so much on your plate?!” I’d get asked. But...


No Booze, No Caffeine, No Sugar (and No Complaining)

The short version of this article is this: for the next 30 days, I will not consume any alcohol, caffeine, or sugar. And I won’t complain about it either. Here’s the long version. In times of stress, we turn to things that offer us comfort. We look for a boost when we need the energy and a distraction to ease...