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A Lesson in Acceptance

“Jesus Murray why can’t you be normal!” I hissed. My neighbor had just popped by to drop something off, and Murray wouldn’t stop barking. A normal dog. What does that mean anyway? A dog that doesn’t bark incessantly when guests are in the house? Who doesn’t freak out every time I get ready to leave or shakes in terror when we...


Less yelling, more praise: reinforcing positive behavior at home

It was an ordinary Sunday morning. I was sitting in the living room with the kids drinking coffee when to my utter shock and surprise, my husband got up and started cleaning. He rinsed dishes, took out the garbage, collapsed boxes and started a load of laundry. It’s about time, I muttered to myself. I share this story because in learning about behavior modification and positive reinforcement...


Can you heal and train an old dog in 30 days?

This is my dog. His name is Murray and he’s 8. Cute huh? I can still remember that cold winter morning when we drove out to the Chicago suburbs to meet him for the first time. There were actually two Maltese puppies to choose from. Both adorable. One was mellow and laid back. The other was a hyperactive little yipper who wouldn’t...