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The End of the No Shopping Challenge

Last week, several people sent me this story about a British woman, Michlle McGagh, who bought nothing for an entire year. By her estimates, she saved $23,000. She wrote: “Although I had no debt, my bank statements (when I bothered to look at them) were littered with unnecessary spending. When I did brace myself and look at my statements I was aghast at how...


The No Shopping Challenge: Days 1-10

This is a no shopping challenge update. To read part 1, of the challenge, click here. Day 1. I accidentally shatter my Chemex glass coffee maker. I have to buy a new one, I think to myself. There’s no way I’ll survive a month without it. An hour later I watch my husband improvise with filters and an oversized water bottle. My sister lends me a dripper, and...


The No Shopping Challenge

A few weeks ago, I told my husband that I didn’t want him to get me anything for Christmas. He said no. I told him I’d return whatever he got me. He called me bah humbug. Then I said that in January, we’d be taking on a no shopping challenge. He rolled his eyes. In the end, I got some lipstick ($18, I...