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750 Words a Day Keeps the Negativity Away (aka My Favorite Daily Ritual

I’ve taken on a number of challenges over the past three years that have remained untouched. Sewing, running, Italian and 15 minute planks, to name a few. But most of them, I’m happy to report, I either revisit regularly (guitar, YouTube videos, clutter, gluten free eating, no complaining) or have become part of everyday life (cold showers, meditation, writing, inbox zero). But there’s the one...


Fighting resistance and self doubt: the struggles of writing a book

From January 29th to February 4th, according to my time tracking application, I spent 2 hours and 24 minutes on Scrivener, the app I’m using to write my book. This is very problematic, I thought to myself. If I have any shot at meeting my deadline, I need to spend 2 hours per day writing, not 2 hours per week. Unfortunately, the minutes that I do...