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My iPhone Addiction and The Problem of Busy

I’ll be taking next week off from posting as I’ll be on vacation, but I look forward to sharing the results of negotiation month when I return. But first, some thoughts on lenten sacrifices, time management and taking back our micro moments. If you’re busy, you’re out of control. That’s what entrepreneur and writer Derek Sivers (of CD Baby and Sivers.org) says. He’s...


Can I Get a Discount? Learning the Art and Science of Negotiation

Is it possible to get a discount on every day items for no other reason than being a “good guy”? That’s what This American Life host Ira Glass and producer Ben Calhoun wanted to find out in a 2014 podcast episode called “The Good Guys”. In it, Calhoun recounts a story of his friend, Sonari, who became obsessed with saving money. Sonari,...