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How To Develop Perseverance, Mindset and Sustained Motivation

I wrote a short story this month about a little girl and magic wand. “Lila’s Wand”, I called it. I’d been trying to write something entirely different when this image of a girl finding a wand in the woods popped into my head. I decided to follow the image and out came this little story. I liked it so much that I’m now entertaining...


Can I Law of Attraction My Way Back to Health?

“Kevin, I am going to will myself back to health.” I proudly announced to my husband one afternoon last week before marching off to find whatever book on magic energy healing I could find. Enter Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, a book on the Law of Attraction (the idea that you attract into your life whatever you think about,...

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Rosanna Casper, Queen of the Zen

If you met me in person, you probably wouldn’t notice the sweet scar I have across my neck. It’s a little memento I have from an operation I had years ago to remove half of my thyroid. I’ve been managing just fine with a daily hormone supplement, adjusting my dosage every now and again to ensure that my body used energy at the...