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Some People Just Aren’t Born to Run

Have you ever wondered if there’s something that you’re the best in the world at, but don’t know it because you’ve never tried? Maybe it’s fencing or chess, sculpture or flute, poetry or coding. With the Olympics on, and with me struggling through this running challenge, I’ve been thinking a lot about our genetic predispositions. Look at Michael Phelps with his 80 inch wingspan, freakishly...


Exercise, the Elephant and the Rider

Imagine, if you will, a man perched on top of an elephant. The man is holding reins, steering the elephant down a road, and it seems, at first, that the man is in control. But the elephant is a large animal, three tons to be exact, and if it decides to disagree with the man’s directions… well I’m sure you can guess...


30 Days of Exercise

I used to be a gym rat. A hard core, gung-ho workout fanatic. But ever since the baby, I haven’t been able to get back into a groove. Granted I’m sleep deprived, hormonal and always on the go, but the truth is, I’ve gotten lazy. Last week I drove to the gym, walked inside, looked around, and left. How sad. Exercise...