When You’re Oversubscribed and Have to Say No

I began the month hell bent on learning Beyonce’s iconic Single Ladies dance.

I started practicing with YouTube video tutorials and taking hip hop classes at a local studio, and it’s been fun. Very fun. But it’s also been tough. Hard work is a normal thing in the world of Hackerella, but this month has been particularly time intensive and I’ve found myself unable to keep up.

In case you haven’t noticed this year, I’ve been struggling to stay consistent and focused. I’ve become scatterbrained. I’m losing things and forgetting things, even struggling to string two coherent sentences together for a weekly blog post.

It finally dawned on me that I’m completely oversubscribed. I’ve said yes to too many things, things that take up time and energy. Things that I do on top of mommy-ing and doing/writing about 30 day challenges. I’ve tried to push through, and I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that wants to suck it up and keep dancing and writing and volunteering and working and doing more more more because these things are fun and fulfilling.

But the other part of me knows that I’m tired and need to start saying no. I need to take a break, relax and recalibrate.

Alas, Beyonce will have to wait. But when I do put my dancing shoes on, I promise that I. Shall. SLAY!!!!

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