A Month of Making: On Sewing, Crafting & Working With Your Hands

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  1. hey what a great idea! love it! I too am just learning to sew and it’s actually pretty fun. I even shortened a pair of jeans (I’m short and NOTHING is the right length, ever) and my goal is to make a dress I can sing in…yikes! I found you from the Smart Passive Community and it’s really nice to find someone doing something original!:-) btw, your daughter is ADORABLE! isn’t it funny how our children change our perspective on everything??? hope your weekend is fabulous!

    • Rosanna says:

      Thanks so much Karen. Sewing is fun, but it’s tough stuff! I had no idea! And thanks for your comments on the blog. I’m definitely going for original, but am always looking for helpful hints on SPI 🙂

  2. John Casper says:

    Again, apologies if not helpful, and it look like you already own a machine, “From the Wall Street Journal link I @runtodaylight tweeted you, “…The sewing machines you’re probably familiar with are the ones at big-box stores. These are mostly made of plastic and retail for well under $500. As a general rule of (thimbled) thumb, more-basic models like these require more skill to produce passable results. Still, even inexpensive ones have nifty features, like the ability to sew different types of buttonholes (large ones for coats with chunky buttons, small for dress shirts with tiny buttons) and automatic thread-cutting and knotting. One well regarded beginner-friendly option, the Brother CS6000i, sells for under $150….”

    What I don’t know about sewing could fill libraries.

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