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The End of the No Shopping Challenge

Last week, several people sent me this story about a British woman, Michlle McGagh, who bought nothing for an entire year. By her estimates, she saved $23,000. She wrote: “Although I had no debt, my bank statements (when I bothered to look at them) were littered with unnecessary spending. When I did brace myself and look at my statements I was aghast at how...


The No Shopping Challenge: Days 1-10

This is a no shopping challenge update. To read part 1, of the challenge, click here. Day 1. I accidentally shatter my Chemex glass coffee maker. I have to buy a new one, I think to myself. There’s no way I’ll survive a month without it. An hour later I watch my husband improvise with filters and an oversized water bottle. My sister lends me a dripper, and...


Stop playing the victim and take control of your life

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t complain, criticize, blame, gossip or compare ourselves to other people. I certainly struggle with it. I’ll take 30 minutes to journal or meditate only to hop in the car to grab my daughter from kindergarten and silently (ok fine, not so silently) curse everyone in the pickup line who doesn’t understand the...