About Hackerella

Nothing burns more fiercely in our soul than the desire to be ourselves & pursue our dreams – Brendon Burchard

May, 2014

I’m Rosanna and every month, I take on a new challenge. From learning to meditate to hacking sleep, learning the guitar or trying to hold a 15 minute plank (you know, just to see if I can), I’m picking things that will help me build better habits, get healthier, more productive, creative and inspired.

It doesn’t matter if I succeed or fall flat on my face, this journey is about following through on the things I set out to do, and learning something in the process.

My hope is that my successes and failures will inspire you to make your own positive changes. We all have moments where we feel lost, uncertain, and not in control, and we all have amazing things we want to do and be. Maybe we need to get better at giving ourselves permission to explore and try things out and step out of our comfort zones, one day…or month… at a time.

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